Welcome! Every year a Penn State professor in the arts and humanities is chosen to unite all of the Commonwealth campuses in a common conversation. My year as the Penn State Laureate will be spent talking about dignity. As I visit each campus, I will invite students, staff, administrators, professors, and community members to submit examples of dignity in music, movies, books, images, texts, speeches, and videos. I will use this website as a permanent record of our exploration, and if we work together, we can create a website where anyone anywhere can see a story about possibilities. The only rule is calm, courteous, civil communication, which we will expect on the Disqus board. If we can achieve that on a website, imagine what we can achieve in the world. This website wants to fill the gaps in representation so we can fill the gaps in communication. Watch a video, join Disqus, and make a suggestion at the Contact link knowing that the difference between a comment and a contribution is intention. Peace.